Synopsis of the play

Willow (Wi) and Finn (Fi) are best friends. They have been through nursery together, had playdates and even been on holiday together. Nothing can separate these two very best friends. Finn is the captain of the football team and Willow is a keen gymnast.

Finn has a vlog and Instagram, snapchat and many other apps. One day whilst playing in the park Finn asks Willow to prank call some of his friends from her phone as they won’t know whose number it is.

After several calls the pair fall about laughing. Finn then suggests Willow could show off her skills on YouTube in the same way he does to get more followers. Finn uses his phone to film Willow in the park doing handstands and Cartwheels.

Willow thinks nothing of it, but does a couple of handstands unaware she is revealing her underwear and she falls over a few times which the two find comical and her skirt goes over her head showing her underwear.

When they look at the footage later Finn starts to have playful banter with Willow over her falling over and it being caught on film. Willow begs him to delete the videos.

He repeats “It’s funny”, “Don’t worry I won’t.”

What happens next is a very unpleasant learning journey for both children…

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